Electric Fencing

Get a quote on a completely new electric fence system or get a quote to repair/upgrade your current system. 
We offer the full house packages and also do repairs, upgrades and maintenance on all types of electric fences.

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Keeping one step ahead of thieves is no easy task. However, it is not all doom and gloom. Make sure you implement counter measures as soon as possible. 
We enjoy tackling the challenges and constantly pushing the envelope to develop solutions with theever changing environment. 
As mentioned we offer a 360 degree solution as with all our products, for both completely new installations as well as repairs/upgrades. 
Energisers sometimes seem to be in a good working order because they still have power on the board but upon closer inspection, we can pick up damage from power surges and lightning by testing them. 
Unfortunately, the long and short solution is simply to replace the entire unit because replacing only a module usually results in the failure of the system again. 
Get the best prices in Gauteng for Electric Fencing. If you don’t have a system, we can install a kit which works out more cost effective than buying each component separately.


We can couple your electric fence to your alarm system or dedicate a separate radio link up to your armed response company depending on your requirements


Depending on the model, you can have multiple zones which will notify you of where tampering or attempted entry is occurring if you have a dedicated keypad installed. Let us know what you would prefer


Additional modules to add to your fence include a number of accessories such as coupling of sirens of up to 40Watts and LED lights for convenience and peace of mind knowing that the fence is active


We regularly perform repairs to faulty HT cables and ensure the meticulous re-laying of wiring in a professional manner. In many cases this alleviates many issues as we try to keep the cost as low as possible for all our clients


You can be assured that your electric fence installed by us will not only comply with industry standards but also fulfill the purpose of deterring entry.


We always recommend using loops on every section of your fence. Criminals devise simple yet effective methods of slipping through the gaps and we won’t stand for it.