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  • How many camera’s do I install?
  • How many outdoor, how many indoor?
  • Should I opt for offsite monitoring or should I save the footage on site?
  • What is the purpose of the systems?
  • Do I need High Definition quality or will an entry level model suffice?
  • How many hours/days/weeks/months do I record?
  • Is there trenching of cable involved or necessary?

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DVR Security Systems

DVR (digital video recorders) security systems link to CCTV security systems. This allows you to record what the CCTV captures. You can view the footage at a later stage. We have DVR security systems allow for remote viewing. We can couple your electric fence to your alarm system or dedicate a separate radio link up to your armed response company depending on your requirements home CCTV footage remotely. Compatible devices are computers, smartphones and tablets. DVR security systems allow for multiple channels. Most models can record at night, outside with crystal clear HD quality. 

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems come in a wide range. We supply and install most major brands. We always seek to provide best value for money according to budget and the purpose of the CCTV system you need. CCTV has impacted the consumer market tremendously with more affordable price ranges. We also cater for businesses and shopping malls and provide significant discounts on quantity ordered. The armed response and guarding companies which we sub contract for can also enjoy the benefit of substantial discounts depending on the regularity and quantities ordered. We look forward to hearing from you.