We come out to site at no charge to measure the distance between the beams required on your property in order to provide you with an effective quote

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Inline Beams

The distances vary between 30 meters and 320 meters. You also have the choice of installing a single zone beam, dual or even quad. Prices vary depending on the distance and the quality of the product. Better quality means longer life span. We also do maintenance on all our products including the changing of the lenses. Anti-Frost lenses are available with certain models for extreme weather conditions. We trench and lay the wiring in durable conduit ensuring a long life span of your cable. We supply and plant the metal poles for the beams and also mount them to walls and secure structures. Multiple zones can be programmed to notify you when an area is activated.

Maintain The Upper Hand

More eyes mean less opportunity for criminals to gain access. Typically in a single beam set up, they jump over or crawl underneath a beam if they know where you have installed them. We constantly innovate and strive for idea’s to stay a step ahead of criminals, feel free to ask us and we will explain how your beams can go undetected. Don’t allow intruders to have time to fiddle with your entry points and weak spots. In line beams prevent those opportunities.

Outdoor Passives

Outdoor passives are available in both standard entry level models as well as pet friendly models for both smaller and larger animals.

    • No call out fee is charged when you call us out to assess and quote on your needs.
    • Early detection is the key to prevention.
    • Outdoor passives will detect movement within a certain range of degrees and up to a certain distance in meters. We will measure up your property for the most suitable solution for you.
    • We add and configure a wireless receiver to your alarm system with code hopping functionality ensuring a tamper proof environment. We offer the most reliable, tried and tested brands from Paradox to RoboGuard.
    • Outdoor passives are available as both hard wired systems as well as wireless systems. We offer trenching and conducting for the hard wired systems done with a professional standard.
    • We programme transmitters to communicate with the receiver on the panel for single or multiple zones, which can notify you where an intrusion is occurring. Let us know how many area’s you need to cover and what works for you
    • Wireless systems can easily be installed by us with proper programing. We ensure compatibly with any alarm system you already have.
    • Lenses are very cost effective and interchangeable for maintenance. Any wear and tear from exterior use does not result in you needing to re-install an entire system.

Maintain The Upper Hand

You buy yourself valuable minutes and in most cases deter the threat completely by having outdoor detection. Criminals have time to tamper with points of entrance when you do not have outdoor passives. We always advise that you treat a wireless system like a vehicle by checking on and testing the system on a regular basis. There are cheaper imitations available on the market, which we would advise against. We do however leave the freedom of choice in your hands. We can only best advise you for long term sustainable solutions. Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is paramount to us as well as the safe guarding of your assets.